Anniversaries are small things

Most of the anniversaries that I keep track of are ones that are important to only me.  3 June: moved to Berlin the 1st time.  29 August: moved to Paris and was supposed to move to Iceland.  16 October stands out as a long standing freindiversary and coincidentally the day of the collapse of my … Continue reading Anniversaries are small things


Can you go home again?

The social media content machine holds some characteristics especially dear: authenticity, relatabiltiy, and almost paradoxically exclusivity.  You see, if everyone can relate to a certain type of content that's good, but it probably won't inspire as much engagement as something that people really feel is unique to them.  The in-group needs to be wide, but … Continue reading Can you go home again?


I'm kind of big on anniversaries, but this story doesn't have a firm start date.  It all happened so gradually that I didn't even realize anything was happening until it was all very much happening.   So I'm starting from a date I remember, but it should by no means be considered day one. may … Continue reading Descent