About the Blogger

Livin it up in GivernyIn the last year I had addresses in three different countries and no good response to the question ‘where do you live?’.  I absolutely loved it, but nothing made me feel farther away from friends and family than seeing them all together, and 3,000 miles away, on Facebook.  So I dove into the internet, because if I can’t see you in person, you can at least hear my voice in your head when you read on my blog about what I’ve been up to, or pretend you’re visiting me when I give you a tour of my life on YouTube.

Now I’m in my last year of college getting ready to go on my biggest adventure yet: graduate school in Europe with no plans of coming back to stay stateside.  Yet I’m still in complete denial that goodbyes have to be forever.  So let’s hang out, right here no matter where we actually are.  See you soon.

My name is Bailey by the way, and if you want to follow along on my adventures you can follow my here for two posts a week and find me across the internet if you want an even better look at what I’ve been up to.

I’m on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Hope to see you around!


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