So much for October! Last Month in Review

Can you believe it’s already November? Can you believe I still haven’t gotten the hang of blogging regularly again? You can? Well shit.

I spent this entire weekend here in Northampton for what feels like the first time in ages.  Last weekend was my sibling’s Parents Weekend so I went down to spend the weekend at home and then visited Sarah Lawrence.


We always take such lovely pictures together.
It was the first time we’d actually seen each other irl since January when I was in Portland for Christmas, so it was really nice to see that college is going well.  And it was great to be able to see Sarah Lawrence since I completely missed out on both the college visiting process and the moving in process.  It’s a cute little campus and it has lots of trees around the area that were seriously putting on a show for fall.


I dig whatever type of graffiti this is

 And then the weekend before that was Parents Weekend here at Smith, so my parents came up to see me then and I spent the weekend in their hotel room.  I do love being back at Smith but it is still really nice to be able to get away for a weekend, even if it’s only ten minutes away.  
That Saturday we took a little trip up to Old Deerfield, which is a lovely little historical village about a half an hour north of here.  Very easy to get to, when you have a car of course.  It was as cute and picturesque as I was expecting and would totally recommend swinging by if you like that colonial aesthetic or want some serious  New England in the Fall vibes.


 I feel like this semester has been going by so ridiculously fast, and I think it’s because I’m a Senior and I feel like time is just pushing me towards the end of my time here. I seriously feel as if classes have just started even though we’re more than half way through the semester and I’m registering for my last ever Undergrad semester tomorrow.  And I’m very conflicted about that because on one hand I am seriously ready to be out on my own and living in Europe again but on the other hand I know that all of the friends I’ve made here will never be in such close proximity to me again and the fact that my applications are very much not done and that I’ll have to wait to find out if I’m accepted or not adds a layer of uncertainty that I am not happy with.  Though I know I’ll feel much better as soon as my applications are done because from there it’s out of my hands and I won’t have to worry about it.

On the plus side, that feeling I had at the beginning of the year, that I didn’t know anyone on campus, has completely evaporated.  I know the sophomores and first years in my house again and I’ve realized that even though I do know fewer people around campus, I have a much closer relationship with the people I do see.  We’ll actually stop and talk or at least say hello instead of awkwardly recognizing each other but neither of us knowing the other’s name.

And that’s where October has left me, I can’t believe it’s over.  Talk to you soon!


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