Heart of Autumn: Week in Review 18/10

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a week in Review, and that’s probably because it’s been about a month since my last one, and I don’t even know since I’ve done them regularly.   But here I am so let’s go.

Obviously a good chunk of this week was covered in my post about Reykjavik.  I got home on Tuesday at around 8 pm, in time for courses to start again on Wednesday.

A new development this week that I can already tell is going to be a continuing saga, is my quest to finish the Art Requirement for the Medieval Studies minor.  The minor itself is really easy. One language course a and four classes on top of that, of which one must be history and one must be music or art.  So I took the history class and a literature class in Paris last year, and I’m currently in Old Norse and will be doing an Old Norse special studies next semester, which just leaves that art or music class.  Realistically, smith is too small to offer something as niche as a medieval music class, and even with the other four colleges that’s not really a topic that’s covered.  But a medieval art class should be easy right? Or not.  Smith isn’t offering any next semester, and I found out this week that UMass isn’t either.  And neither is Mount Holyoke.  So that’s going to be fun to figure out in the coming weeks, but with that gaping hole aside, I’ve basically got my final semester all planned out.

This coming week is when things are starting to happen. I have one proposal due on Wednesday and others in the next few weeks and I’m finally starting on my Graduate school applications.  The good news is that I only need one done this semester.  The others all have a deadline of February 1st.  Which will make for a busy January break but certainly lightens my already hectic Fall semester.

So that’s where I am this week, and I’m working on being more present here and will be continuing to blog more as the semester progresses.  I just find it to be very grounding to take a break to write here.  Hope everyone had an excellent weekend.


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