The Street Art in Reykjavik

It’s fantastic, but don’t take my word for it…

 The best garage door.


This entire house is decorated with Valkyries in black and white and gold.

 The only word I know hear is úlfrin meaning wolf, which is not the greatest help.

 I don’t know if this is an ad or not, but I would shop there.

   This one has a caption in Icelandic, but I still don’t know Icelandic 😫

 On the wall of a video games store obvi.


This one is just on a construction barrier, so maybe someone will take it home after the work is done.

 Two ghouls out on the town.

A sophisticated Angry Bird.

 I call this one ‘Gal Pals’.

 Swankiest public utilities boxes in town.

Appropriately, this fisherman is right on the harbor.
There will be a full Trip in Review post tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Iceland!


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