Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming- Week in Review: 14/9 – 20/9

Now that I have the first full week of classes behind me, I can say that I’ve gotten the feel for how most of this semester is going to go: it’s going to be fast, and it’s going to be busy.
Since registration closes on Friday, I can tell you that I’m officially thaking five classes or 20 credits, so already that is busy.  I am taking my German class pass/fail because I did not manage to delude myself into thinking that I could do five classes no problem, so while I don’t actually have less work because of my grading option, I do get to worry less about the work load.

But the second part of busy is imported from Paris, and it’s the fun part.  In Paris I didn’t have a campus I was tied to, so I went all over the city all the time, went to plays, parks, just left the apartment and walked a lot.  And doing all of that showed me that I’m much freer to get off campus than I always acted.  I almost never went home or to NYC unless it was a break my first two years, and despite it being only an hour away, I’ve still never been to Boston.  But not this year, I’ve got two sets of tickets to six operas spread out over the course of the year, the first one is in two weeks and I’m already pumped.  And then of course, I’ll be going to my sibling’s Parent’s Weekend and the Bronx Zoo for Halloween, and my cousin’s first Birthday Party, both of which are coming up much faster than expected.  

But what have I already done so far?

Well this weekend I helped some friends shop for Little Sib presents, and got myself some new earrings in the process.  Emily and I also booked our hostel for Reykjavik, it looks super cool (heh) and I can’t believe that we’re going in only three weeks! Since I’ve been planning this for over a year now.  I also went out to dinner with Emily at DobrĂ  Teahouse, which if you are in Northampton I absolutely implore you to visit.  They have a very full tea menu of different regional specialties from all over the world, from Chai, to pu’er, to Yerba Mate (not tea I know), and Matcha.  They also serve great snack sized healthy options for studying of for meals and almost everything can be made vegan or gluten free.  I love studying there and it’s a very relaxing place to have dinner. 

 ooohhh, ahhhh!

Anyway, I had a pu’er tea and Emily had a sweetened and chilled Rooibos, hers was slightly fruity and tasted like one of those expensive sodas you buy in health food stores (in the good way!) while mine was a very dark and earthy tea that paired great with my goat cheese and olives in the Pita Dahab, and I finished with Mochi stuffed with red beans.  It was absolutely lovely and it was really nice to be in a cafe again, since I realized yesterday I haven’t been to one since I was in Berlin, which for me is basically an eternity.

And finally yesterday evening was Arch Sing, an annual Smith tradition where all of our six a Capella groups performs under the Neon Library Arch.   There must have been well over 200 people in attendance and it’s always a nice way to start the year off.

That was my week, coming up I have Oktoberfest and my Senior photo shoot (gah!!) this week and I’m going to be back on a normal video and blogging schedule (if you ignore the fact that this post was written on Monday morning) that means both a Monday video and a Friday coffee Time video to look forward to, so subscribe to Soirishcream on YouTube if you haven’t already!  See you soon!


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