Back on Track: Week in Review 22/5 – 5/6

Ahh, another double week review, but at least this one is coming out on a Sunday, which means I’m finally sort of getting back into rythmn.

As you probably know by now, last weekend I was in Croatia to avoid overstaying my visa, if you want to read about that in depth make sure to check out my Dubrovnik trip in review.  And since I’ve been back, I appear to have brought that Mediterranean heat with me.

Now normally, Berlin is cool enough in the summer that I can wear jeans comfortably, even when sitting in the sun.  However, this week Western Europe has been having a heat wave, so Berlin has been experiencing temperatures more on par with a New York summer.  This week it was routinely in the nineties and it hit 100 Fahrenheit yesterday. (I didn’t go outside lol)  As a result of these ridiculous temperatures, I haven’t been up to much lately, as that would require either walking (in the sun) or waiting for the team (in the sun).  So this week was mostly spent in cafes drinking ice coffee and eating pastries or in a park under some nice shade.  Coincidentally I have gotten more reading than usual done this week, so now I’m about half way through my first German book, and I am understanding significantly more of the text than I did at the beginning.

Funnily enough, last week I was having the opposite weather problem.  It was cloudy and raining everyday so I didn’t really explore that much last week either.

In terms of non weather related news, I finished editing my Croatia travel blog today which I’ll be releasing tomorrow.  I’m excited firstly because I did a slightly more in depth editing process than usual and I think it turned out great, and also because it’s apparently my first video in three weeks!  I had hit a bit of a rut and was getting bored with some of the videos I was making, but after spending some more time on YouTube I felt the bug again and I’m ready to get back into it.  Though I think I’ll stick to a once a week schedule for the rest of the summer since logistically two a week is pushing it right now.  

That being said, this week I will have a second video, it will be the full folk dance performance that I saw.  It’s too long to fully incorporate into my vlog, but too interesting to not do anything with, so if you like what you see tomorrow be sure to subscribe for the full dance.

So that was my (two) week(s), pretty boring when you take out the trip, but it’s summer so that’s just fine.  I’ll write again soon, but in the mean time, have an excellent week!


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