Well Pageant Judges…

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Is an interesting question, since it is a pretty dumb and pretty annoying thing to ask another person but is something you should at least be able to imagine in broad strokes for yourself.

My mother asked me this as a test once.  We were in the car driving home from a college overnight.  The parents had had a wine and cheese reception after their daughters were all taken to the dorms.  Apparently one Father had, as an ice breaker, asked a woman, “so where does your daughter see herself in ten years?”  My mother was quite taken aback, and very satisfied the next day when I clasped my hands together put on a stereotypically girly voice and started off my answer with “Well Ms America judges…” And then continued on to boast about curing not only cancer, but also having eliminated poverty.   I still don’t understand what that Father was thinking.  Was he trying to test if the woman’s daughter was an acceptable friend for his daughter? Was he trying to test the competition?  I have no freaking idea.

I think I’ve been lucky so far in that that is the one time I remember being asked that question, but I know from friends that as I move into the post-graduate world I’ll start to hear that question more frequently.  So even though I’m still more prone to being flippant when asked this or similar questions, the truth is that I’ve always possessed some picture of what I want my life to look like in the future.  It helps me make better short term goals if I know what my long term goals are after all.  So here is where I see myself in 10 years, I’m interested to see how different (or not) reality will be.

First up, just starting with the obvious, but in 10 years I will be 30/31.  By then, I want to be living in Copenhagen though I’m increasingly realizing that I’m more movable than I thought on this point, I can now also see myself being in Germany, Sweden, Norway, or France.  But no matter where in Europe I am I want to have a nice old apartment and I can promise you it will be displaying some chic Scandinavian modern design. 

Getting back to my imaginary life in Copenhagen though, my bike would be my primary means of transportation and I might even have a cargo bike by this point.  I might have one because I’ve always wanted to have a lot of kids, and that feeling has by now basically congealed to wanting to have four kids total.  So by the time I’m 30 I think it’s fair to say that I’ll probably have two kids already. But the two kids obviously didn’t come from nowhere, I want to be in a long term relationship by then.  Ideally he would speak English/French/German and whatever other languages I speak as well (you can bet those kids will grow up multilingual) and has some sort of cool job doing something very different than me.  I would love to be working in a museum or some sort of archaeological foundation or some such thing, and hopefully still hard at work on YouTube and my blog.

That’s really it in the big picture.  In the small picture I really want to be able to have enough money for the nice things: museum memberships, theater and Opera tickets, money to fly to visit my parents in the U.S.  But all in all that is where I see myself in 10 years, and I want to look back on this then and see how embarrassingly naive I was or perhaps even marvel at how together I thought I would be in the future.  But I guess you’ll just have to stick aroun until then for Part II.


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