Whoopsie: Week in Review 7/6 – 15/6

The careful observer will note that it is actually Monday.  Please ignore this fact and continue with the following normally scheduled Sunday post.

So you remember how I said last week that I was going to do more interesting things this week?  Well I mostly succeeded, until Saturday where I only watched Orange is the New Black but anyway, here are all the things that aren’t spoilers.

language stuff

This week I’m going thematically instead of chronologically because I don’t remember when I did things, but anyway obviously the most important category I have is stuff related to learning German.  On Friday we finished A1 and we started today with the A2 curriculum, I’m excited because this will be a mix of old and new stuff for me which means I can actually start improving beyond the level I had at Smith.  We also got a ton of new students in our class which I think will be great.  We have like 10 people now instead of the 4 we’ve had since the first week.

I also made my way to the bookstore this week, and picked up a couple of German language books that seemed interesting and not too difficult.  I’ve started Liebe Isländer and I’m getting the gist of it, it is beyond my level since it is written for adults and not say elementary school students, but I think that if I just keep going with it I’ll be learning the whole time.  Especially when I get to my second book, which seems much more complicated.


I started with the 200 page one and will work up to the 400 page one… Eventually.  The Icelandic book has not been translated into English, but the Swedish one is called The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed out a Window and Disappeared if you’re into that sort of thing.

And finally in a mood of creative excitement, I created two new blogs on Tumblr today.  I’ve been wanting a creative space to practice my German and French respectively and I so I now have a French language blog and a German language blog.  I want to stay active with them so that I’ll have some place to practice non academic writing and in the case of French, any writing at all.  They will also have some of my pictures and whatever stuff on the topics of France and Germany that I chose to reblog.  If you dig that sort of thing, the urls are cremeirlandaise and irischsahne respectively.  And yes that is just Irish cream translated into French and German, it’s all about brand consistency you guys / not being able to come up with new ideas for user handles.


This week I went to the Neues Museum, which is one of the many museums on Museumsinsel.  It can be overlooked because of this since most people go to the Pergamom Museum and not much else.  However the Neues Museum is where the treasures of Troy and Nefertiti are.  I saw Nefertiti last time I was here, but since I said good bye to the Louvre and Mona Lisa just under a month ago, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons.  As you probably have heard, you can’t get close to the Mona Lisa, and you’ll always be sharing the space with at least 60 other people trying to take selfies.  No photos are allowed of Nefertiti, and when I was there, the room had more guards than visitors (3:00 on a Wednesday) I got right up to the glass and was able to examine the bust from every angle.  I do wish I could have taken pictures but it was just a world away from the mob scene in front of the Mona Lisa.

I did however take pictures of other stuff in the Museum, allow me to show them off.

  I freaking love ancient Egypt, as I have mentioned before.  I can hardly even believe how smoothly and perfectly this statue was carved. 

This was in a small section on the archaeology of Berlin.  This was stained glass from churches that were firebombed in WWII and due to the intense heat, melted into these shapes. 

This was basically an ancient wishing well, offerings were thrown in for decades and preserved until dug up by modern construction. 

And of course I went to the Flea Market, and I mostly just listened to the bands, they multiply as the summer goes on.   It’s really a lot of fun, whoever wants to just sets up, and a crowd will form pretty quickly, and there’s almost always someone who will dance to the music.


Rupert’s Kitchen Orchestra 


Charity Children

Charity Children’s crowd.

And then today I was looking for a place to have lunch, and stumbled on this really cute cafe that persuaded me to have dessert instead.

And I had some company.  That’s a cappuccino and a waffle with vanilla creme and cherries.  All together 5,50€, I’m still not over the prices compared to Paris, where this would have been closer to 8€.


The other notable thing I did this week was not uploading videos.  This was basically a quality control thing because I’m not a perfectionist and therefore can’t call it that.  I wasn’t happy with how Coffee Time came out, (too much coffee = shaky camera) so I redid it and then didn’t quite get around to uploading it for Monday.  And since it is currently Monday, we’ll see just when I do get around to it.

But anyway, that was my week.  I will write again this week and I will definitely be on time next week.  See you soon!


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