Here Comes Summer! Week in Review 1/6 – 7/6

This week was the start of June, so not only did it mark the two year anniversary of my first arrival in Berlin, see video here, it also means it’s really summer now!  Not in any official standard sure, but for me June has always meant the start of summer vacation.
So here I am, having class everyday for six hours.  Ahh summer.  But it’s what I signed up for and it’s the only way my German is going to get better so I’m still happy about it.  But anyway, apart from classes I did get up to some things this week, not a whole lot, but some.

For starters, I started using the kitchen.  It’s not in my apartment so I was a little aprehensive at first so I simply avoided buying food that required cooking.  But I explored it this week and it’s really not exciting or even worth worrying about.  I will continue to keep my nonrefridgerated stuff in my room though, as the fridge which is supposed to account for about ten people is only slightly larger than a standard minifridge, roughly oven sized.

In news that is actually interesting, friends who had come to Berlin for Spring Break told me about the existence of a Beer Garden in Tiergarten, and showed me pictures.  It looks like the kind of place that Renoir would have painted.  Giant leafy trees, lights strung up over the tables.  So I knew I had to go and Friday turned out to be the perfect day for it.  I was the only one who stayed for the afternoon class session, so we naturally finished early, around 2, which made a late lunch in a Beer Garden sound absolutely perfect.  

  There’s a lake where you can rent boats just to the right here. 

  Weiß-wurst, potato salad, and a beer. 10€20 


 Mmm… Beer.

The place is called Cafe am Neun See and is just over the bridge from the zoo.
But that was on Friday, and to be honest I don’t remember doing anything that interesting during the week.  Walks were had, groceries were done, but nothing much to show or to tell.  With the notable exception of course that I found a jar of inexpensive and authentic American peanut butter at the grocery store.  That was a very happy day and I spent about a minute of the above linked video talking about it.

I did though download an app called Untappd which if you’re not familiar with, it basically let’s you rate any beer you drink and collect badges and keep track of what you like and don’t like.  Since I’m back in the land of beer and since I’ll very shortly be able to actually buy beer in my home country I thought it would be nice to keep track of my preferences.  This week I had a Berliner Kindl which is basically the official beer of Berlin.  I’d had it before but didn’t remember that my opinion was ‘basically okay’ now with my app, I’ll remember it’s a 2.75 .

And Sunday was of course spent at Mauerpark.  It was in the seventies and sunny today so in addition to rummaging through stuff with no intention of buying any of it and eating delicious food, I was able to sit in the sun and enjoy some of the many performers who frequent the park.  While I was enjoying the show though, for only like 20 minutes really, I got my first sunburn of the season.  Luckily I was wearing my SPF 15 BB cream, but my chest turned a nice bright pink. Oh well, it’s now most definitely summer.

    Yummy vegetable pakora with tamarind sauce, coriander and a sauce I didn’t understand the name of but said yes to anyway, 3€50 .  I also found a stand that does Danish style hotdogs, so I’m very excited to pay them a visit next week!  And check out my posts from Copenhagen if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

  That’s us.  (It’s their name) played German and English songs, one of their wives handed out flyers for an upcoming gig after they fished their set. 

   Breakdancers and one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

And that was my week.  I’ve got big plans for next week, including museums, restaurants, and just generally doing more stuff.  


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