Around Wednesday this week I realized I was exhausted, but I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I remembered that my idea of a summer well spent is to immeadiately dive into language learning just one week after school ends, and then it made sense.
Right now, existing in Germany is harder and therefor more tiring than existing in France.  In French I understand basically everything that is said to me and I can respond very naturally.  In German, not so much.  I haven’t really studied the language in a year, and even so my German was almost certainly never at a sufficient level to make navigating anything more complicated than a restaurant easy.  

Being back this week I remembered how tired I was all the time the last time I was here, and that tiredness has come back.  Focusing on learning a language for six hours a day and making a concerted effort to think in that language the rest of the day takes a lot of energy, and I kind of forgot about that living in French.  

So anyway, today is Friday and even though I only had four days of classes this week, I was really looking forward to this weekend and even planning what I was going to do very early on.  So how to relax when the world is exhausting?

Well first, I google mapped the nearest Lush store.  My apartment has a tub, and while I discovered Lush several months ago, I was never able to try a bath bomb because in Paris I only had a shower.  It turns out that there are three Lush stores in Berlin and one of them is on the same street as my school.  This isn’t actually that amazing when you take into account that this street is Friedrichstraße, one of the biggest and most central streets in Berlin, seriously, even Checkpoint Charlie is on it.  

So I made my way up to Lush after class, but also after reading in Tiergarten for a little bit.  My apartment is kind of a hike, and I’ve been limiting myself to two metro rides per day until June when I can get a month long unlimited ticket, so I’ve consequently taken to walking around the city and hanging out in parks after class.  Tiergarten is seriously calm and peaceful, it’s one of those parks that’s mostly left to look natural and has plenty of lawns and benches for reading which, when done in English, is a nice mental break.

But anyway, Lush.  I bought myself a Twilight bathbomb after some conversations which I sort of got the gist of with the nice shopgirl.   It’s purple and sparkly and says it’s perfect for relaxing at night and has lavender and “Tonka” (she said it’s a flower, and I didn’t bother to google) scents. It was also only five euros, which was much cheaper than I expected.  For some reason I thought they were like 12.  Anyway, in other words, it’s perfect.  So I came home and had my first Lush bathbomb experience and it was exactly what I needed.  This is such a calming scent and it turned the water purple and sparkly and I still feel all relaxed and I still smell nice about an hour later.  To complete the relaxation evening I’m going to just stay in bed and read until I go to bed at 10 like some old person.  Tomorrow I have to do stuff for Smith, and get back on the making videos bandwagon, but tonight, I’m just relaxing.

  This may become a dangerous habit.


One thought on “Relaxen

  1. A Lush bath bomb is absolutely perfect for a relaxing night! And the Twilight one smells gorgeous: good choice!

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