The Final Countdown: Week in Review 11/5 – 17/5

It’s gotten to the point of my year in Paris where I am facing the very last few days of my being here.  This is the very last week in review I will be writing in this city, it’s my last Sunday here, I’m leaving on Saturday.

This week has actually been surprisingly full for it being at the end of it all a Study Period.  Starting from Monday, I went over to Reid Hall to help film my friend’s end of year montage video. It was fun, I just wandered around Reid Hall and bought a candy bar before studying in my favorite chair and looking out the window.  That video is here once again, I love it so so much and it is once again entirely in French. 

The next day I did a day trip to Giverny with my friend Emily.  We were originally going to go on Thursday, but the weather was going to be gross so we moved it up and I’m so glad we did, the weather was perfect.  I originally wasn’t sure if I was going to write a blog post about the trip, since writing about day trips may set a precedent I don’t necessarily want to uphold.  Then I went to Versailles this weekend, and a post about both trips will be up tomorrow.  But until then here’s a little peek at Giverny.

Like I said, perfect.  

So Giverny is a little out of the way, and the only train we could catch brought us back to Paris at 5:40, this was cutting it close since we had our end of year cocktail at Reid Hall at 6.  A half an hour metro ride from Saint Lazare and we needed to put on our cocktail attire.  Luckily Saint Lazare is my neighbor and even though our train was late getting in, we got to the party at 6:30 and didn’t even miss anything.

Continuing this year’s tradition of really excellent catering, the cocktail party had an excellent spread that we all gorged ourselves on and a bartender to pour us wine and champagne.  Of particular note were the butterfly shrimps with their fantastic spicy dipping sauce, the tandoori-esque chicken skewers, and of course the dessert options.  

The next day was our end of year lunch on top of the Tour Montparnasse, that I talked about in a lot of detail earlier.

Alas the rest of the week very much did resemble a traditional study period.  Lots of studying and very little leaving the house.  Until Saturday, my very last little get-a-way, to Versailles, which you can read about tomorrow.

And that has been my week, coming up tomorrow is my only final and on Wednesday my dossier is due and after that I’m officially a Senior. *gasp*.  Other than that there’s still the practical stuff, mailing stuff to the U.S., course evaluations, dyeing my hair, etc.  I’m definitely going to try to take some time to enjoy my remaining time in Paris this week as well.  I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end.


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