Back to Paris! Week in Review 27/4 -3/5

One week back in Paris, and one more week of classes!  Smith has actually finished classes for the year which is so crazy and weird, this year has gone so unbelievably fast and it’s really a blink away from being over.

I only had Smith classes this past week, Paris VII comes back this week and after this week I’m done with classes for my Junior Year.  It really seems impossible that just a year ago I was getting ready to fly to Greece, it really seems like that just happened but I’ve been able to fit so much into the time since then.

Anyway, on Monday I had my autofiction class, and turned in my final autofiction in addition to taking the final exam.  It went fine but some of it was a little dumb. (How is the genre of autofiction similar to a matador and a bull was a question). I feel good about my autofiction and I will definitely be putting a version of it up here (in English) soonish.  I’m glad I only have one more session of this class, it started off strong but out of the six or seven books we read I only liked about two of them.  Also by the second book everyone had stopped actually reading the books since we literally went through them line by line in class.

On Tuesday I got to see Antigone directed by Ivo van Hove and starring Juliette Binoche, it was the last performance for my Theater class which is really sad.  It’s been my favorite course in Paris by far and with the exception of one play, everything we’ve seen ha been fantastic.  The play itself was very good, but not my favorite that we’ve seen, (that would be Mary Stuart by the same director) I did however have enough thoughts about it to make an entire coffee time video.

On Tuesday I also went shopping with a friend, if there are things I learned over Spring Break it’s that I need bb cream with SPF in it and that Black overcoats are a necessity.  So that’s what I bought with a few extras.  I am so incredibly in love with my new Monki coat, it was on sale since it’s a coat and it’s now apparently spring.  It has a nice soft feel and I feel like I could be in a French noir movie whenever I wear it.  I also go a floral crop top and my friend got pants in the same pattern, we wore them to the play together and plan on wearing them to Giverny as soon as there’s a nice weekend day.  I also went to Sephora since you can’t find BB cream in pharmacies, there I also bought a new coral lip tar, and hand cream.  I also signed up for a Sephora card so I got a free nail polish as well.  I hope the card works where ever since the next Sephora I go to will be in Germany or the US.

Our second to last theater class met on Thursday, our Professor had miscounted so we had champagne and cake balls to celebrate our last class.  We discussed Antigone and since we have one more class, decided to have a French potluck.  I’m making potatoes and will be presenting on Anne Carson’s translation from the Ancient Greek.

And to end the week, we had an apéro on the quais of the Seine, provided by Smith of course.  Since drinking in public is not illegal in France, it’s pretty common to take wine to drink along the rivers and canals of Paris.   When I came to Paris in high school, we took a river cruise and the quais were absolutely full of people enjoying the warm weather.  I took a ton of pictures of the crowds drinking, it just seemed so cool and Parisian to me.  As we stood there hanging out, these same boats were going by with tourists waving at us and taking our pictures.  I love that our group has ended up in some tourists’ photos as Parisians, it’s such a great way to wrap up the year.

This weekend was strictly for relaxing, or rather it was after it became clear that the weather was going to be gross and rainy.  Springtime in Paris is fantastic PR but mostly a big fat lie, when it’s a sunny day out spring is gorgeous, but for every day of sun there’s about a week of drizzly cold.  So I did a lot of stretching to make up for all the stretching I didn’t do on vacation and I finished my German visa.  All in all it was a good week and next week will be even better since it’s the end of all my classes and I’ll be making my visa appointment.  Hope you all had a good week, and I will write again soon!


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