The Unattached Flaneur

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Happy Wanderer.”

Though this blog is not a travel blog per se, it has almost defaulted to travel mode as my life has defaulted to travel mode.  So today’s prompt about personal travel style seems perfectly timed as I’m between trips at the moment.

My travel style is two fold, before I actually leave I am in the hard core planning stage.  This is where guide books are purchased and devoured, friend’s opinions are solicited and flight and hotels are confirmed.  I definitely have my favorite patterns that I fall into, lonely planet, hostel world, kayak.  I trust these sites and they haven’t steered me wrong yet.  This stage ends when I have all but memorized the guide book entries for where I’ll be going and have bought my plane tickets and hotel reservations.

The second part is my wishy washy soak it all in travel style.  My general game plan is to land, take a taxi to my hotel and go from there.  I rarely take a city map with me and I rarely have more specific plans than I’ll go to the museum in the morning, get some lunch, and walk around this neighborhood in the afternoon.  I usually have a few things I want to be sure to do during a trip but I am far from the type of traveler who plans out everything they want to do.  Sometimes I don’t even really do anything, last week Oslo was simply too sunny and gorgeous to go to a Museum, so I sat on a pier all afternoon reading and eating ice cream.  I’d rather do whatever strikes my mood than follow a schedule, and it makes me really relaxed and happy to travel this way,  though I know it would drive some people absolutely crazy!

I did the organized tour thing in High School, we had maybe two hours of free time a day.  It was great and the tours we went on we’re fantastic, but my favorite memories of those trip are the unstructured times I spent with my friends.  Now that’s the only way I travel, and I’m so thrilled.


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