Oslove Week in Review 20/4 – 26/4

I just wanted to use that fish picture.

Anyway, when this week started I was in Copenhagen, and since then I’ve gone to Oslo and I’m now back home in Paris. 


Ahh.. Beautiful Paris.

So what exactly did I do this week that I haven’t yet covered in other posts?  Well, the normal stuff basically that isn’t directly related to traveling. And also things I forgot to put in those other posts.

So Monday has been basically fully covered by my Copenhagen review post and my travel vlog, I did most of the filming that day and then of course the editing and the posting yadda yadda.  So then on Tuesday I sailed to Oslo, this was a really fun experience, it takes 16 hours so it’s an overnight cruise and we went past Elsinore castle which brought up a lot of AP Literature memories, I even shared pictures of it with my teacher and the Facebook group for that class.  I also had the cabin to myself which was awesome.  The company also has these mini-cruise promotions, where you basically take the ship from Copenhagen to Oslo like I did, have a day in Oslo, and then take the ship back to Copenhagen that night.  And I have to say that that sounds like a pretty good little weekend vacation if you ask me, the ship has a ton of amenities like very fancy restaurants, and a casino, and of course a duty free shop, so it could totally be a nice quick getaway thing.

And then most everything in Oslo has been covered by my Trip in Review post, except this, the Oslo airport has the most beautiful ride to and from an airport I have ever seen in my life.  Most airports are in gross little industrial districts/ the boonies (looking at you CDG) but the ride from Oslo to the airport takes a tunnel through a mountain and after some little suburbs it’s rolling Norwegian farmland with traditional red farmhouses alternating with pine and birch covered hills.  It was absolutely lovely and you can check it out in my Oslo travel vlog which will be up tomorrow :).

Then there’s the normal stuff, like my stretching.  I was awful this week, I didn’t stretch once during break and because I did so much walking I absolutely know that I lost a good deal of flexibility over these ten days so I’m going to be extra on top of that this week.  The start of the next school year is getting closer and I’m nowhere near my goal.

My sleep schedule however was absolutely on point.  I don’t know why but I’ve never been able to keep a regular sleep schedule in Paris, but this break I was going to bed at 11 Amanda waking up at 8:30 every day, without an alarm clock!!!  Sometimes I can’t even drag myself out of bed with alarms before 10 or 11 here and it makes me think I’ve accumulated some serious sleep debt during the week.  (Probably from staying up until Midnight or 1 and waking up at 7 for my 9ams) (I’m an 8-9 hours a night kind of person). 

And finally, back to France.  I was really not ready for this break to be over, I don’t want to go to class tomorrow and it’s made all the worse by the fact that only my Smith classes start again this week.  I’d have a whole other week off if I were following my University schedule and I’d probably be writing this from Helsinki or Riga instead of Paris.  That being said it is nice to be back in my bed, and I’m certainly looking forward to doing laundry tomorrow, but still being dragged back to reality (no matter how amazingly placed) is never fun.  Now I have to face the fact that I have to seriously study the Middle Ages and apply for my visa and start shipping stuff to the U.S. And a thousand other little things.

When I started to think about coming back to Paris a few days ago I was a little, not quite nervous, but daunted by being all in French again.  This vacation my head was only in English so thinking about having the two languages in my head again was a little weird. But since I flew AirFrance all the flight announcements were in French and in English so by the time we actually landed I felt acclimated again.  And I talked to my host mom, I still understand everything, I can still talk so we’re all good.

So that’s what you missed this week, I had a very bloggy mood on the flight, so I think I’ll be extra active this week.  I hope you had a good week, and I’ll write again soon, love ya!


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