So I had the strangest feeling of déjà vu today.  I was sitting on the grass in Kingens Have, my previously mentioned new favorite park,  the particular lawn I was on was dotted with small groups and individuals of a distinctively student like persuasion.  They were mostly talking with friends and the only language I was hearing was Danish.  I was reading on my iPhone, just enjoying the sun and the surroundings and blending into this crowd.

Whenever I’m traveling I almost always like to blend into the crowd, I really like it when people think I’m a local, it makes me feel like I could become a local.  (Exceptions include when I’m traveling in the U.S. when I very much try to look like a New Yorker).  Anyway, at this particular moment I remembered what must have been one of my first visits to Smith.  It was sunny out and I was going to meet my mom in front of the Campus Center, there were a bunch of students laying out enjoying the sun on Chapin Lawn so I walked out to the middle and found my own patch of grass and started reading on my iPad.  Smith was my first choice school and I wanted to look like a Smithie.  When my mom came up the hill and found me she said I really did look like I fit in and just I year and a half (? Ish ?) later I was actually one of those Smithies on Chapin Lawn.

I’ve wanted to live in Copenhagen for a few years now, and this visit showed me that this city really is special and I really could make my life here.  So while I’m leaving this city and country tomorrow, I’m very certain I will be back.  Now more than ever I want to call Copenhagen my home.


One thought on “Parallels

  1. i can so relate to your writing. Never been to Copenhagen though. I remember when I was a student in 2005 and i used to sit by the ferry building, at the harbour in Auckland cbd and look into the small island (north shore, Bayswater) on the other side, and wished I would look like a local, how silly, 10 years ahead I sit in that same bench sometimes and think of those past years. Im a local now, well settled, have my house, my dogs, my life here! and funny as it may sound, I live in that very small island I would admire in 2005. feels so gratifying when i look at the big picture now. 😉 Keep it up, loving your writings.

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