Double Whammy: Two Weeks in Review 6/4 – 19/4

So since my last week in review TWO WHOLE WEEKS have passed which is the first time since like the start of the year that I’ve not held up my blog commitments. Which is admittedly pretty good for me to do about four months of a consistent writing commitment.  But I can do better! So here’s to keeping up with blogging moving forward.  Now then, onto the post! 

(Also the WordPress iPhone app updated and I no longer know how to do read mores but pretend one is here)

week one

So I don’t remember doing anything interesting last Monday or Tuesday so moving onto Wednesday, one of my best friends from Smith came to visit.  This was very exciting because not only was she my First Official Visitor, but I had also not seen here since May not including a solitary Skype session in August.  We took a much longer walk than we meant to and ended up having dinner together in Montmartre.

On Thursday, my morning class was canceled so I was able to spend most of the day with Emily which was absolutely lovely.  We walked about eight miles altogether and basically wandered everywhere in between Opéra, the Louvre, and the Musée d’Orsay.  Which reminded me just how small the center parts of Paris is and how surprisingly navigable it is.  I also found out that another friend from Smith was in Paris. And available to meet up the next day!! Two visitors in one week!!


Grade A graffiti near Place des Vosges, translates as ‘smile it’s free’ 

Anyway, as I have no classes on Fridays and my only obligation was to end up at Gare de Lyon in time for my 5:41 train Emily and I had planned to meet at Hôtel de Ville in the morning, have lunch in the Marais, and do other stuff.  So we spent the morning checking out Notre Dame, walking all the way to Bastille and then heading back to St Paul around 1 to pick up Cara.  It was a truly wonderful day, I had also not seen Cara since May and it was so awesome to have a Lawrence house reunion in Paris.  We are 3 out of the 4 juniors in our house currently abroad and since the fourth is in New Zealand, it is the best reunion we’re going to get.  Anyway, we got really top notch felafel in the Marais and then had a good old fashion gossip and talk session near Bastille.


Obviously selfies were taken. 

From there we had to go our separate ways and I got on a train to the south of France. 

Fun times were had.

So we stayed two nights in Arles and then spent Sunday afternoon in Avignon.  I made a Vlog of Avignon but forgot to record in Arles.  Saturday morning was spent freely wandering the city. 




Ahh. (Saturday morning market) 

Street art was appreciated.

The afternoon was awesome but unfortunately I have no pictures.  We weren’t allowed to bring cameras or phones because it was a kayaking trip. This particular trip was under Pont du Gard, or that one really beautiful and famous Roman aqueduct you’ve definitely seen pictures of.  It was really beautiful and such a fun experience, it’s such a unique way to experience the aqueduct and it was really nice to be on the water and enjoying the southern sun.

On Sunday we had a guided tour of Arles, and it’s Roman Colisseum and Romanesque/Gothic cloisters in the morning. 

The well top from the cloisters, those grooves are from centuries of monks lowering buckets down on ropes. It’s also ‘reclaimed marble’ stolen off of pagan Roman buildings.

Sunday afternoon was spent in Avignon, and I vlogged all about it. Then we came back to Paris/reality/an Internet connection.

week two

This week was spent on finishing up my Ethnologie class, my group turned in our final dossier, which ended up being 17 pages and so are officially finished with the class.  I also found out the date of my final exam for my history class and so immediately enrolled in German classes starting the week after.  I am now officially enrolled in three months of German classes and am applying for my visa the minute I get back to Paris.  That was exciting but the really exciting part happened on Thursday when I got on a plane to Copenhagen to start my Spring Break. (I made a Vlog about why Copenhagen) 

So this was my third full day in Copenhagen, I’ve been eating two pastries a day but it’s ok because I’ve also been walking about ten miles a day.  Allow me one moment to preach the gospel of my shoes, they are $14 vans knock offs I got at Payless.  I had a pair that were literally the only shoes I wore when I was in Berlin before and they held up so well then that I made sure to get a new pair for this year.  I swear to you they hold up better than real vans and these have shown no signs of going to hell yet.  Anyway, I also ended up at the changing of the guard ceremony two days in a row on accident.  I have had no plans about where to go so this was quite odd. 


But Copenhagen is a lovely city and very compact, I have a decent understanding of the central layout now and have been wandering without looking at a map and without any plans without any encountering any ‘I don’t know where I am’ moments.

I’ll be doing a whole Copenhagen trip rundown later but I’ll just say now that I feel very comfortable in this city and I can still see myself living here. 

So those are my weeks, hope you’ve been doing well and I will actually write again soon. See you soon!


3 thoughts on “Double Whammy: Two Weeks in Review 6/4 – 19/4

    1. Thank you so much, I really love that well pit so much, in a building that’s several centuries old and is completely devoid of furnishings it’s really easy to forget that generations of people were living there and seeing a physical mark like that really brings it into perspective

      1. You are most welcome. yes indeed, not everyone is able to see beyond the material culture, I’m very impressed with your writings, it’s very entertaining and educative, i know very little about France so it’s been very cool to follow your blog, cheers from NZ.

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