Guess who’s back!

That’s right, it’s me! Last week I was Very Busy hanging out with friends and doing not as much work as I meant to and then I had a weekend in the South of France which, while lovely, was completely devoid of teh internetz, which meant I was already behind this week coming into Spring Break.  But Break is here now! And I have finished one class and I am in Copenhagen! So life is good and this hotel has wifi, so I will be getting back into the swing of things this week starting tomorrow with my Week in Review.

Here though is a little taste of what I’ve been up to on my two days in CPH.

  You could say I’ve done a bit of walking

Things I’ve learned #1 Copenhagen is very walkable and an excellent mixture of old and new architecture.


Things I’ve learned #2 thanks to IcelandAir’s (or NorwayAir’s, I’ve been flying a lot recently)  inflight magazine I already knew that pølser, hotdogs) were a Copenhagen institution. I now know that they are fantastic, and surprisingly cheap in this very expensive city. This one is totally organic and artisanal and all that and cost 34 kronor or just under $5.  From a døp brand cart next to the Rundetårn.


Things I’ve learned #3 Christiania Free town is not the only thing in Christianshavn.  The island is actually mostly a lovely and picturesque and still bohemian canal quarter and the Free Town itself which is just as awesome and avant garde as it seems is just a small quarter.

Things I’ve learned #4 I was wrong to eschew all sneakers. Nikes and New Balances and the eponymous Sam Smith Adidas’ are being sported by the most fashionable young Copenhageners and I’m actually coming around to it. Also I need more black clothes, especially a long blazer.


Things I’ve learned #5 Kongens Have is my new favorite public park. It looks like this, and has a rose garden, crocus beds, and a castle in it.

Things I’ve learned #6 if you know one Germanic language you will easily find it’s thread in any other one. I basically knew this from traveling to Amsterdam and Stockholm but I walked past a grocery store today and saw a sign advertising new Danish potatoes and I was overcome with the word endings for potato and wether the ‘n’ there was a plural signifier or a gender signifier. I never thought I’d be wondering about the gender of potatoes while wandering a foreign city but there you go. The relative abundance of German roots I see in the language (especially bearing in mind that my German is not very good) definitely makes me more confident that when I start learning Nordic languages after having gotten much better in German and also studying Old Norse, acquiring one or more of the Scandinavian languages won’t be as difficult as everyone says it is.

Things I’ve learned #7 Scandinavia is very seasonal.  When I was in Stockholm in December the sun rose at 8:30 and set at 3:30. Now in Copenhagen in April, the sun rises at 6:00 and sets at 8:30. I knew that there was a lot of sun in summer and not a lot in winter, obviously, but it’s still pretty different to SEE it like this.

That’s what I’ve got to show for my two days in Copenhagen.  See you tomorrow for the rest of the week’s rundown!


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