Peter Cottontail comes to Paris! Week in Review 30/3 – 6/4

This week’s week in review is brought to you on a Monday thanks to Easter! Let’s get started.

Header photo is the spring display at the Grands Galleries.

My biggest days this week were Thursday and Sunday, but if you want to know about Thursday you should read my in depth blog from that day.

In exciting news, I got my Fitbit in the mail this week, (I think it was this week) but I really like it so far. I ordered it when I was in the US for Christmas, since they are the same list price in the US and EU but given the currency difference that makes it about 20% more expensive to buy it here. But anyway due to me fucking up my parents address, I only got it now.

But of course, the big thing this week was Easter. I bought a lot of chocolate, and as Easter presents to myself I bought makeup earlier this week and then did some online shopping. I hope the clothes come before I go to Arles next weekend, but I’m not certain they will. I also went out to a really cute cafe/restaurant for brunch with friends. It’s called Les P’tits Indices, it’s in the 11th which is a great area for restaurants and cafes with reasonable prices in general. They have a brunch menu where you get a hot drink, freshly squeezed orange juice, tartine with butter, jam, and Nutella, along with a dish and a dessert.



First round of shopping, and a basket full of tartine.

Then today, Monday is the official public holiday in France, so I stayed home. But today is also registration day for the Class of 2016, so I am now officially registered for my first semester classes of my senior year. And I have a room. So senior year is really real at this point, and I am kind of hesitantly excited. I don’t want to leave Paris yet, and I still have Berlin ahead of me, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel, my undergraduate career is about 3/4 over and it’s almost time to move on from Smith. It’s both exciting and incredible, I started thinking about college and going to Smith in the 7th grade. I have a tendency to focus only on the future, so I really want to be present for this last stretch.

This week I’ll be trying to find out when my only final is and then finally singing up for my language courses in Berlin. And writing a whole lot for my Ethnology dossier, I’m basically planning on spending all morning tomorrow in a cafe writing and then having an afternoon walking around and visiting H&M. (I also need to go to Lush, my friend Emily and I are rooming together in Arles and are planning on having a good old fashioned sleepover and for that we need face masks).

Anyway, that’s my week, hope you had a good Easter and I will write soon.


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