Week in Review! 16/3 -22/3

Here we have yet another example of a week feeling very full and busy, yet when I come to write about it, I can only remember a few interesting things that happened. Oh well, here they are

The big thing that happened this week was seeing the Taming of the Shrew for my theater class. It was at the Théâtre de la Ville at Châtelet, this theater can best be thought of as the cutting edge, youthful theater of Paris, as opposed to the Old Guard staunchly conservative Comedie Française. The play certainly lived up to this, it was in translation first of all which allows a certain amount of freedom from the history of the text, and it was modernized, taking place in an Italian hotel in the 70s. From there the director made a very concerted effort to place an emphasis on the victimization of the female characters by the male characters. It was an incredibly interesting interpretation and it is my favorite play I’ve seen with my theater class so far. We have our discussion on Tuesday, I’m presenting on the translation and I’m also making our dessert. I’m thinking Red Velvet Cake, which I’ll make tomorrow.

That day was also great because my friend brought us to a very good Chinese restaurant for dinner. It’s super close to Montparnasse, so I’ll be sure to go back the next time I’m feeling like having noodles.

Everything else that happened this week was really in the realm of normal, my group gave our field work exposé, I taught my writing professor what Instagram was, I did homework (a lot). I don’t know, nothing much. Although there was a lot of smog this week and Paris even made public transport free and forbid cars with an even numbered license plate from driving this weekend to help reduce the air pollution. That was interesting, and gross.

Hopefully next week will be more interesting, until then have a good week!


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