Week in Review 9/3 -15/3

So I did not have a lot of classes this week which is always nice

On Monday I had another play for my French theater class. It was a production of Le Misanthrope by Molière at La Comèdie-Française. The dialogue was hard to follow at times but the Theater itself was gorgeous, if you know the movie Dangerous Liaisons, the theater in that movie is basically what it looked like. Multiple wrap around balconies, and every surface decorated beautifully.



That was my big thing this week, other than that, I launched my first official Coffee Time video where I talked about what fluency is and where I think I have it in French. And then yesterday I took the Test de Connaissance du Français which measures fluency in French. I won’t find out my results for awhile, but it’s amazing how much easier it seemed than the last time I took it. It’s a standardized test so it wasn’t actually easier, I’ve just improved a lot over the last year.

The other thing I’ve been doing recently is waiting impatiently for next year’s course catalogue to be released. I already know what courses I have to take, but I’d like to officially make up my schedule, and specifically find out what German courses I can take. I’ll be able to take about 10ish weeks of immersion classes this summer which is equivalent to 2.5 semesters so I’ll be able to probably take either a 300 level class or a 250 level class and while I’ll probably register for both, I really want to know what the topics and professors will be.

In the next week or so I need to try and find out when my finals are so I can sign up for my summer classes, and find hotels for Spring Break. So that was my week, hope it’s going well for you guys, and I’ll write again soon ❤


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