Out in the Open: Diving into YouTube

For most of my life I was part of a competitive dance company, like the girls on Dance Moms but nowhere near as good.
We did two or three competitions a year, performing in front of adult judges who would critique our performance and grade us. It was nerve wracking but a lot of fun, I still have all my ribbons back at home and I have a lot of fond memories of killing time before our performances.

In Middle School I entered our school’s talent show with one of my friends. She would be singing Galinda’s part of popular and I would be dancing and singing Elphaba’s lines. Before our performance she had a bad case of stage fright butterflies. I asked her why. We’d done years of competitions and recitals together, and she hadn’t been anxious like this before any of them. I said that this time we knew the audience, we weren’t being judged. She said that’s why. For her it was harder to perform in front of people she knew than in front of strangers.

I never felt like that, to me people I knew were always supporters, I never had to be worried of their opinion. Not that I was afraid of judgement, I had stage fright sure, but never that badly, eventually I even learned to like performing on stage. I think that this journey of performance with dance is why I wasn’t afraid of criticism when I started my YouTube channel.

Being the age that I am, YouTube started to become a cultural phenomenon at exactly the time when I was in Middle School. That is to say that YouTube and its stars have always been a part of pop culture me, it also was unique in that It was always possible to turn it into a creative outlet. I don’t even know how many plans for videos my friends and I imagined, but we never got around to it, and then we grew up and away from YouTube. In High School and College, I followed fewer and fewer Youtubers, by last year I only watched one or two, and not too frequently either.

Then I came to Paris, I’d already decided to watch less English language media (read Netflix), but the French TV shows were simply not the same quality and so I ended up on YouTube looking for quality content. And I found it, in the years I’ve been growing away the content has absolutely flourished on YouTube. I ended up finding amazing creators and watching more YouTube than I ever did before, it has completely replaced television for me. And I found myself wanting to be a part of it. So I made a video and got camera equipment for Christmas. And it didn’t take long until I was hooked.

After moving away from dance, I had never quite found the creative outlet that fit me best. Writing, drawing, painting, none of them fit quite right. But making videos is definitely the right outlet for me. I love filming and sharing or joking with the camera, and much to my surprise I even enjoy editing. Turning my raw footage into the video I was envisioning feels fantastic.

Becoming popular would obviously be very cool, but regardless of how successful a vlogger I become I’m going to keep making videos. Even though it’s only been a few months I find myself thinking about how much I would like to vlog something or talk about something on my channel constantly, I’m hooked on my new hobby.

This post was inspired by my blogging 101 course by the way, the assignment was to write something for your ideal viewer. For me, that’s someone who doesn’t really get what the big deal is with YouTube, someone who doesn’t know about all the fantastic content out there. I wrote this because I’d like that person to know that YouTube is worth some exploration, it will surpass your expectations, and it could be inspiring to you, I know it was for me. So I recommend checking out and subscribing my channel, Soirishcream, and my friend with stage fright also ended up on YouTube, her channel is Brittwitt16 and if you like MTV’s TeenWolf you should subscribe to her this instant. Then start exploring!


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