What am I doing in this place!?

So today starts my voyage in WordPress’s blogging 101 course, and of course as any class starts out, we have to introduce ourselves to the world.  So here goes.

First off, I’m Bailey, I’m a student vlogger and blogger living in Paris.  I have one more year of undergrad after this one and then I’m off into the wild world of Graduate school, looking specifically at programs concerning Medieval Scandinavia and archaeology.

why am i blogging?

Well I’ve always sucked majorly at writing in journals, and the visibility of a public blog helps force me to keep writing.  The organisation is also automatically so much better than a journal too, in one click I can find what I was doing in any given week that I was blogging, instead of flipping through pages and pages of journals that I probably didn’t date well anyway.

Other than those practical reasons, I really like sharing and being open with my life, I’m usually not so open irl, and this blog is a great tool to make myself less closed off.

what are you writing about?

I don’t know, stuff.  But seriously, I write a week in review post every Sunday and normally at least one other post per week on anything.  It usually ends up being about identity, or cultural changes, or being in a foreign country, stuff like that.  And sometimes I write about how I made my last Youtube video if it was particulary interesting or I expand on the subject I tried to cover.

who are you trying to connect with?

Whoever hapens to find my life interesting.  Or who likes my Youtube videos.  Maybe someone who wants to get a taste of Paris, or who  likes the Vikings.  I don’t know exactly who can rofit the most from finding this blog, but that’s the person I want to connect with.

where do you see your blog in one year?

Well Ms Ameriblog judges, I’d like to have a stable yet growing pool of followers who read and engage with my work and who check out my other social media accounts.  If I’m being really successful this year, I’d like to inspire some people to do things that scare them, and I’d like my readers to be ready to follow me to the adventure that will be Graduation.

That’s why I’m blogging, so why are you reading? Tell me below

Till tomorrow, ❤


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