Spring is coming! Week in Review 23/2 -1/3

It’s March today, which means it’s only a matter of time before I can actually do things outside again, amazing.

So for most people on the Paris program, this last week was a break. I however have never been one to be most people, so of course my sociology class still met and prevented me from doing traveling. Also I had to study 500 years worth of European history for my test tomorrow. So mostly on my days off, I slept in and studied.

I did go to the Orangerie, the museum’so entire ground floor is dedicated to Monet’s Waterlilies so of course the lighting is fantastic and lovely, that was a very nice day. I also went to Paris’s cat cafe which was super fun and adorable.

Now that it is March things will be starting to happen soon. By the end of the month I’ll have signed up for my summer language courses in Berlin, which means I really should stop neglecting my German practice. I’ll also be buying tickets and making hotel reservations for Spring Break soon, I’m for sure going to Copenhagen, and possibly Oslo as well if it’s a long break. I’m also very determined to get to London this month, even if only for a weekend.

In Internet news, I’ve signed up for WordPress’s Blogging 101 course. They basically have a prompt everyday and is promoted as a way to build readership and community. I think it will be fun, and it means you’ll be hearing from me a lot more. And I hit 150 followers on Instagram today which is pretty cool.

And finally in very sad news you’ve almost certainly already heard, Leonard Nimoy best known for playing Spock died this week. He was a fantastic person and his character helped create my favorite vision of the future and I will miss him greatly.

Live long and prosper everyone ❤


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