Another Week in Review! 16/2 – 22/2

So another week has gone by, this semester’s going to be over before I know it and I am not prepared for that, so let’s wallow in the past just a little.

These week started off with me being behind on posting my week in review, and then I basically kept that theme up for the rest of the week. I got behind on my yoga challenge on Thursday and have yet to catch up again, but that’s what lazy Sundays are for especially since I really don’t want this lazy streak to stretch to Monday.

In class news, I found out that I have a test in my Medieval History class next week. Luckily they told us exactly what we need to know, unluckily it’s basically everything that happened in a 500 year period and also a lot of vocabulary, so I’ll be studying a lot this week.

Friday was really great this week, I decided to make a video about spending a day in Paris, something in between a travelogue and a Wake up With me video, so I spent the morning in the Louvre which was the most crowded I’d ever seen it. It’s the Chinese New Year, and there are school breaks in the UK and France so there were tourists from all over. After that I got lunch with my friend Emily at a brasserie off of Rue de Rivoli before heading over towards Nôtre Dame and ending up in the Marais. We had a lot of fun and I think it’ll be a cute video. Watch out for it tomorrow!

My only regret is that you aren’t supposed to film in the Louvre, I mostly was in the Egyptian wing and it was killing me that I couldn’t vlog it, I’m going to try and do a voice over thing with pictures but it’s just not the same.

Saturday was spent mostly at Reid Hall uploading my video clips, but in the evening Emily came over and I made us some stir fry and I introduced her to a lot of people on YouTube, it was super swell and that’s where the header photo is from. I also hit 100 followers on Instagram yesterday, which felt really awesome! (You should follow me too, Soirishcream)

edit: totally forgot to mention, but I made quick pickled scallions to go with the stir fry last night! So if you want something sweet and hot and pickley to add to your meals look no further! First, thinly slice your scallion, use however many you want. Then put it in either a sauce pan if you want to be legit or a microwave safe mug if you want it now dammit! Then add some peppercorns, some chili flakes, about a tablespoon of sugar and a rather large pinch of salt, or whatever spices you’re feeling, then add equal parts balsamic vinegar and water, enough to cover all the scallions. Give it a good stir and bring it to a boil on the stove or in the microwave, then let it cool down for a while. You can use them as soon as they’re cold or they’ll last for about a week in the fridge in their juices. These would be great on some fancy sandwich or something. Enjoy!

Anyway, that was my week, hope you had a good one and I’ll write again soon, Love ❤


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