Week in Review! Late Edition 8/2 -15/2

The careful observer will note that today is in fact, Monday. Sorry. Moving on.

As far as courses go, the only new thing this week was learning that the Sociology department doesn’t have a break next week and I can’t go away to the British Isles as originally planned. I think instead I’ll do a day trip somewhere in France with my extra day off, but details are hazy, ask again later. I will definitely be visiting Shakespeare and Company during my not break though, as I haven’t been there yet and I really need to go.

In further news, last week’s video has over 70 views so far! It is super awesome that that many people want to watch me and I hope they stick around. This week’s video should be out tonight and will be about lying (or will it?).

On Friday, I went to the Louvre to see if they had any Viking artifacts (they didn’t) but the Louvre is always fun so it was ok. Instead, my friend and I saw what I call the tribute to narcissism. Catherine de Medici, Queen of France and mother of Louis XIV commissioned 26 portraits about 10 feet tall from Peter Paul Rubens. The subject? Her. It’s crazy, there are gods and goddesses in every painting and there are two where it is literally raining gold on her or her family. I love it so much, and the message is if someone tells you your selfie taking is a problem, just remember that you are not Catherine de Medici. (She wanted a matching set about her husband, but those were never done, a travesty)

Saturday was the second play for my French theater class. Originally performed in Berlin, it’s called ‘Situation Rooms’ at any performance there are twenty spectators. Everyone gets an iPad and follows it through the maze like set. You never see the actors, they already filmed it in the same set and you basically act out the stories that ten of the actors are playing. It was really cool, you end up interacting with the other spectators/actors at different points, and it’s all choreographed perfectly. It was really amazing. Afterwards I went out with some friends for Valentine’s Day. We got some really great gyros by St-Michel and then walked to a bar in the Marais. I have absolutely no idea what it was called but it was painted red and decorated with black and white posters and fake flowers everywhere. I got a pink drink in the holiday spirit and we split an excellent chocolate tart. Valentine’s done right.

On Sunday I went to an atelier on Chinese cooking to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is where I got behind on everything, I thought it would just be a few hours but it ended up stretching from 2 until 10! But anyway, we made dumplings from scratch which was super fun and something I’d never done before. There was also a corn and egg soup, pineapple fried rice, and a pudding made out of coconut cream with adzuki beans. Everything was super delicious and it’s always fun to cook with friends.

Well that’s my week. How was yours?
Till next time, ❤


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