The Adventure List

Wow that last post was really heavy wasn’t it. I for one am all pissed off with two hours before my next class so I thought something fun and hopeful was in order…

On that self same day where I vowed to sail around the Mediterranean, I came up with a list of other adventures I want to do, it’s my adventure list and here it is, annotated and explained, in no particular order.


1. sail around the Mediterranean
Explained. See the post 17 shades of blue if you missed it.

2. visit all seven continents by 25
I have always wanted to visit all of the continents, who doesn’t really? But I’m now thinking 25 may have been a little overly ambitious, it was after all based on me visiting Morocco this winter, which I didn’t do. Though I will be in Europe until late August, so maybe I’ll get to Turkey or North Africa after all this year. Either way that would put me at 3/7 before 21 which leaves plenty of time to accomplish this even with school ahead of me.

3. speak at least four languages fluently
Ok this one might not be and adventure per se but it’s here anyway. A long standing goal of mine has been to graduate from Smith fluent in French and German, which I am on track to do. That would make three, with English obviously, and since I seem determined to go to school and make a home for myself in a Nordic country, I kind of figure that I’ll learn the language of wherever I end up. But since I’m a glutton for punishment I love learning languages, I’d love to speak more, but I just want to have a minimum goal.

4. hike appalachian trail
I fell in love with Hiking and Camping in Middle School, which was unfortunate since my family is willing to spend no more than perhaps an afternoon’s hike in a wooded area. Undeterred I bought lots of books about Backpacking and went camping quite frequently in my backyard or living room. My parents being indulgent enough to get me a pretty kick ass tent one Easter. For my high school graduation, I got myself a real backpacking backpack which has now traveled with me all the way to Northampton, Portland, and Paris. It even went down a little bit of the Appalachian trail. My first year, I signed up with the Outing Club to spend Fall Break hiking part of the Appalachian trail in Vermont. It was a three day hike up mountains and over rivers and my first real backpacking experience and I totally loved it. I really want backpacking and camping to be a part of my life not just with big trails like the AT which take like 6 months but also with little weekend outings and such (there’s still a lot of gear I need to acquire but that’ll come). So yes, I really want to through hike the Appalachian trail.

5. write a book
I realized this year while my sister was doing NaNoWriMo that if she finished and got published, I would be the only unpublished author in my immediate family. And we can’t have that now can we! But really I’ve always wanted to hold a physical book and know that it came out of my brain, I’m not such a fiction writer though so I think it will probably be a sort of introspective thing with also some research? Maybe about genealogy like I wrote about last week, who knows! But if I do everything else on this list I could probably just write a book about how cool I am tbh I could do that anyway tbh.

6. go to everest base camp
I will be clear, I have absolutely no desire to climb to the top of Everest. I read Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air and it absolutely terrified the hell out of me. Climbing to the top is mind bogglingly expensive, stupidly dangerous, and exploits the Sherpa guides who do most of the work to get you to the top. No thank you. But, being at base camp, in the shadow of the mountain, surrounded by people absolutely determined to get to the top, would be a really cool experience.

7. horseback trekking in mongolia
So I love horseback riding, I did it in Middle School and started up again in College. I’d be doing it here in Paris if it weren’t so damn expensive. And I can think of no more fitting place to explore via horse than Mongolia, plus Mongolia is really cool and has a really vibrant cultural heritage (involving the horse!) and this would be such a mind blowing experience.

8. aurora borealis
Come on, you’ve seen the pictures, and if I’ll be living in a Nordic country anyway, I better the hell get my but up north to experience these in person. I have a feeling it’s the kind of thing that even the best photography and videos can’t quite do justice to.

9-12, sail parts of the Nile, Ganges, and Amazon, and all of the Danube
Back to the sailing! Although I didn’t strictly envision these as me in my own boat, except for the Danube I’m content to be a passenger for a while. Rivers are where culture happens and these four are pretty much some of the coolest navigable rivers out there. They cover the incredibly diverse Amazon River, ancient and modern Egypt, the spiritual heart of India, and an amazing slice of central Europe. I picked the Danube to sail the length of simply because it’s the shortest but still jam packed with cities and landscapes.

13. hike the inca trail
Hopefully not so unlucky number 13. The Inca trail is remarkable mostly for what lies at the end of it, Macchu Picchu. An adventure in its’ own right, I think arriving at the city after having walked through parts of the Andes and heavy forest would make the whole experience that much more exciting and satisfactory.

14. camping in denali
Denali might just be the most breath taking of any State Park in the US. This one is an adventure mostly because Alaska is just so far away, but I really want to explore Denali at least a little bit. Don’t worry, I’ll watch out for bears.

15. Santiago del compostela
In the Medieval period there were three big sites of pilgrimage, Jerusalem, Rome, and Santiago de Compostela. Now, I’m only Christian in that I was raised in a predominately Christian culture and both my parents had been raised Christian. I’ve never been baptized and I’ve only been to like three masses. But the idea and practice of pilgrimage has always attracted me, and the history and culture that make Compostela such a draw even after over a thousand years is just so incredible to me that I want to participate and contribute to its history just a little.

There you have it, my adventure list. These are just the things I decided we’re adventures by the way, if I were to list every place I want to visit and every thing I want to do there we’d be here for forever and I’d never get any of it done! This was much more fun than the last post, but I have to go to class now, love ❤


2 thoughts on “The Adventure List

  1. If you haven’t decided on your fourth language yet, you can’t go wrong with Spanish. It’s similar to French so it won’t be difficult to learn, plus it opens up the door to Spain and South America (you can get by in Brasil speaking Spanish, though you’ll get some weird looks).

    Try Arabic if you’re looking for something more challenging that still unlocks dozens of countries.

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