Week in Review! Getting my Groove on 2/2 -8-2

Now that I’ve gotten into the rhythm of the semester this past week seemed to really come together.

This week started off strong with a trip to the Opèra Bastille to see Don Giovanni for my class on French theater. This particular version was a reprisal that has been performed at Bastille two or three times before, it’s modernized, and unlike certain other modernized versions of this show I’ve seen, it really worked well. I referred to it as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ production, it happens in a corporate setting, and I think it works because you could really imagine that people in that setting would have similar moral compasses to Don Giovanni.

That was my big event of the week, everything else that happened was mostly stuff falling into place. I’m on track with my thirty day yoga challenge, now on day eight, and I’m really enjoying it. Even though the sessions are short, (~under 20mins), I do feel reenergized and I get that freshly-stretched feeling afterwards which I love. I’m also keeping up with practicing good skin care, and I am starting to see and feel a difference though I think it will be a while still before it looks significantly better. I’m also getting into a good sleep schedule again which also feels great!

In other news, Playlist live is this weekend in Florida and Angela Davis spoke at Smith this weekend and I couldn’t be at either of them! If the stars align, I’ll be able to go to Playlist or maybe Vidcon next year, but Angela Davis will not be at Smith again for a while and I’m so jealous of everyone who got to hear her. And finally, I managed to not go to H&M this week so I might be breaking free of their spell.

Hope all is well with you all, and I’ll write again soon. Love ❤


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