Meet my Pantheon

This is a companion piece to my latest video, so if you haven’t watched it yet, click here!


So as you now know, my original goddess is Alanna of Trebond, later of Pirate’s Swoop and Olau, the King’s Champion. For those that don’t know, Tamora Pierce writes really excellent young adult fantasy novels mostly based in the country of Tortall that are about young women overcoming obstacles and being incredibly bad ass.  If you know a young girl who likes reading and fantasy or you’re looking for an altogether less depressing alternative to Game of Thrones seriously check them out.

Alanna is the first heroine in Tortall and she wants to be a knight, the problem is that girls can’t become knights, so she pretends to be a boy, and along the way saves the Prince’s life, fights evil, becomes a shaman, and becomes the best knight Tortall has ever seen.

She had to pretend to be a boy for eight years, and she never gives up and goes home. She’s small and not as strong as the other pages so she practices constantly until she is the best fighter.  Her dedication is outstanding and she is a great figure for young girls to read about because she accomplishes her dreams even though everyone said girls couldn’t.  I absolutely adore her and can only go about six months before I’m overcome with the overwhelming urge to read her books again (It’s a quartet).

If you’re in the market for other heroines, fear not! Diane can speak to animals and has to learn to master her strange magic, Kel becomes a knight years later and faces outright misogyny, Ali is enslaved and becomes a spy in a neighboring kingdom, and Beka (prequel) is a medieval-style cop. And they’re just the ones in Tortall.


I didn’t watch Hannibal at first, I started after the first season had already finished, and then I watched all of it straight throught without a break.  It absolutely amazed me how well crafted every aspect of the show was.  Bryan Fuller has done an amazing thing, there has simply never been anything else like it on television.

Alana Bloom quickly became my favorite, and I can honestly say that I have never identified with a character as much as I identify with her.  Alana is absolutely willing to play by her own rules and she has very strong moral compass that she actually listens to.  She is outspoken, forthright, smart, and empathetic, if you’re not watching her and everyone else on Hannibal you are doing yourself a disservice.

Dana Scully

Oh the X-files. The first time I tried to watch it, I got to Squeeze and then got so freaked out I didn’t watch another episode for years. When I started for real, I skipped over that one.

Scully and Mulder are the perfect team, they balance each other out and are awesome to watch together. As I said in my video, I love that Scully can be the logical, rational one (and be a medical doctor) but still be religious, it isn’t a combination you see on tv a lot. The episodes with religious subject matter are also really great for the role reversal where Scully becomes the one seeking solutions beyond the mundane.

While it can be frustrating that Scully never really comes around to Mulder’s viewpoint, it actually makes for better viewing this way and it allows Scully to shut down Mulder’s more extreme theories in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise. I absolutely live for when she sasses Mulder. Gillian Anderson by the way, is also in Hannibal.

Jadzia Dax

Deep Space Nine showed us what amazing stories Star Trek could tell us with complex characters and situations.  I love TNG for the camraderie and the optimistic exploration, and I love DS9 for the dark, hard choices and the incredible story telling.  Please don’t make me chose between them. Coincidentally, Bryan Fuller started out with two scripts on DS9.

Jadzia is a science officer on DS9, and a Trill, a symbiotic species consisting of the host, Jadzia, and the symbiote, Dax, so Jadzia has the memories of the eight lives Dax has lived before giving her a been-there-done-that quality which is absolutely charming. She is also a wild child and parties and lives it up.  Oh and *spoilers* she marries Worf in a ridiculously corny and adorable Klingon ceremony.  I really want to be friends with Jadzia Dax. And I’m not going to talk about the other thing because it is the WORST and I don’t think about it.

Kathryn Janeway

When I think of Voyager I think of Adele singing Rolling in the Deep.  It had such a great premise, and a very solid Pilot, but the stress and emotional story telling that made DS9 shine just weren’t present. Don’t get me wrong though, I can still love Voyager, I just wish it could have been more.

Kathryn Janeway, (Red from Orange is the New Black), and her crew are hurled across the Universe by a powerful entity known as the Caretaker. Stranded in the Delta Quadrant, they face a journey home of 75 years. They meet new species and run into problems that no Star Fleet crew has ever faced before, and Janeway manages to hold her motley crew together through it all while still trying to live by Star Fleet’s moral guidelines. Bryan Fuller was also a writer for this show in case you were wondering.


Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 was not a very good show, however, Chloe was an incredibly good character. If you have been on Tumblr and seen gifs of Krysten Ritter doing something hilarious or outrageous it probably came from this show. She is the most over the top NYC bad bitch I’ve ever seen, in the pilot she has sex with her roommate’s fiance on top of the roommate’s birthday cake to prove he isn’t a good fiance. In short she is so over the top that she can only be amazing, and amazing to drink with I’m sure.


It wouldn’t be much of a companion piece if I didn’t offer something a little extra. So, the Disney princess I identify with the most is….
I love the little mermaid, she knows what she wants and she’ll sacrifice anything to get it. I know, I know, it’s for a boy, but if she were to give up her voice/soul for anything else, say to feel the sand under her feet, or to sail in a ship, she would be held up for following her heart instead of cast down for it. Also I’m kind of permanently associated with her after I dressed up as hipster Ariel for Halloween. My costume was spot on.

There you have it, my Goddesses. Please feel free to add your own in the comments and if you’d like to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Love you


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