Week in Review! Let’s Get Down to Business… 26/1 -1/2

It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve posted. But it’s only been a week? So what have I been up to if I’m not writing here? Funny you should ask.


My weeks now start off bright and early with a 9 am Medieval History discussion section, and continue bright and early, with 9 ams on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. I actually like this because it forces me to wake up at 7 three days a week. Which makes it easier to wake up at my preferred 7:30 the weekdays I don’t have class, and to get up at all in the mornings on the weekend. At Smith I almost always had my ideal schedule of waking up at 7:30 and going to bed around 11, but I never keep that schedule over vacations and it frankly doesn’t give me enough time to sleep here in Paris. Even though I’m very comfortable in French now, it still takes a lot of energy to just exist, let alone think or speak in another language all day! Last semester I slept until practically noon everyday I didn’t have class, and I’m trying to get out of that this semester.

I actually like being up in the mornings because it lets me do stuff or at least feel productive. Even if I’m awake the same exact number of hours, if I’m waking up at noon and falling asleep at 2 am or whatever, I still think of anytime after 10 as ‘nighttime’ which is the time I reserve for me time. So I get more me time but I feel like I’m missing the day. My new sleep pattern is getting into shape this week and I think I’ll feel much more productive as soon as it actually becomes routine.


As you may recall, it was my plan to take a German class at Paris VII this semester. Well, that ain’t happening. The course I was supposed to take is an L1 which means it’s for first year students which means I already technically took it and wouldn’t be able to take it for credit again, so meh. I am still going to Berlin this summer though and it is still my goal to graduate with near fluency in both French and German. So how am I going to do this exactly? I’m glad you asked, I have taken it upon myself teach myself German. I went to the bookstore and basically stripped out their German language learning section. I now have three lesson books, a book explaining grammar, and a book explaining verbs, not to mention my digital editions of the Hunger Games in German. I’m about half way through the easiest looking lesson book and plan to finish it this week and start my next one. Will it work? I don’t know. It has certainly been a good review, but once I start encountering new content my comprehension may plummet, who knows. I will certainly keep you posted.


I don’t make resolutions, I don’t think they’re really motivating. That being said, I looked at what I was up to and it sure seems that I made a bunch of resolutions this year. I decided to get really into skincare for starters. If you don’t know, my method for becoming the type of person I want to be is by examining what I think future me should be like and then being like that. This is how I got into Opera, I decided I should like it so I started listening to it, and now I like it. So now I’m interested in skincare and having very nice skin. I blame Youtube beauty vloggers and also the Lush store next to my metro.

My other not resolution is Yoga. I’ve flirted with yoga frequently in the past but I never got very into it. I have decided that I would like to be a person who does yoga, so I decided to start a 30 day yoga challenge I found on Youtube. (I seriously don’t know how I would live without Youtube anymore, I love it so <3) and since I found it on January 28th, I decided to start today, February 1st. It was fine, whatever, but I hope that doing some yoga everyday for 30 days will be enough to ingrain it in the very fiber of my being.

This not resolution actually predates New Years but whatever, I haven't written about it yet (maybe?) so here goes. I was a dancer for eleven years, and I was always on the inflexible side of the dancer spectrum (which makes me very flexible for a normal person, but I digress) and despite the length of time I danced, and the fact that I do like stretching a lot, I never got my splits. And after watching some ballets this year and mourning my lost flexibility I decided, fuck it. I'm going to get my damn splits, and I'm going to Instagram the hell out of it when I do. So since this one predates January, my deadline is my return to campus. It's gonna happen.

wait what did you actually do this week?

For a week in review post I didn’t really talk about my week huh? Anyway, this week I went to both the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée de Cluny. Both were on my Paris bucket list and I hadn’t been to either yet because I’m useless. The d’Orsay is a lovely converted train station that houses the Impressionist, Realists, Post-Impressionists, basically everyone who painted from 1800 to 1930ish, and the Cluny is the Medieval Museum housed in an awesome 15th century bishop’s hôtel. I should have seen this coming, but they didn’t have that much on Scandinavia/Germany, it was mostly French but everything was of a super high quality and basically mind-boggling lay gorgeous, especially the Unicorn tapestries.

I also joined the Smith class on French theater which involves several mandatory class outings to plays (oh darn) and this Monday a trip to Don Giovanni at Opera Bastille. I super excited for this because I had looked online and had been basically priced out of all Opera performances for the rest of the year, but since Smith bought the tickets, I get to go again!

I didn’t get around to filming this week, I kept waiting for the right light that never came, but I have plans and schemes and I should be able to get it up Tuesday evening?

And finally, I went shopping at H&M again this week, because I lack self control, but I got some really cute clothes including a jumper which I’m excited to wear to the Opera tomorrow. They also gave me a 50% off coupon and are still having the Soldes so I guess I’ll go back this week as well. Damn them.

I hope you had a lovely week, and I’ll try to post more coming up. Love you.


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