Back to the Grind: 19/1 -25/1

A Super Special Sneak Peek of my next video!

This week of course was the first week of classes of my second semester in Paris. Which means it’s almost over!? And I almost have to leave!? Thank God I’m spending the summer in Berlin, because I don’t know how I would deal if I were heading back to the US in four months.

Anyway, I’ll be taking four courses this semester and I’ve gone to three of them thus far. One Smith class on writing, because my writing is atrocious in French and that seriously needs to change. A contemporary Ethnology class so I can actually finish this major of mine, and a Medieval history class to work towards the minor I started last semester (like a Boss). My last course is the German course that I haven’t been to because the only information I can find on it is that it exists.  Everything about the French University system, from the website, to the departments, to the actual buildings themselves seems designed with user unfriendliness as the primary goal, so all should become clear when I register tomorrow.

Other than official business, this was my friend’s last week in Paris, and it was really great to see her again. You can read about her last night in my Le Bise post.  Before she left, we did hit up les soldes. Unlike the US where there are sales like every other week, in Europe there are generally two sales periods during the year, one in August and one in January.  So for the rest of the month or so everything is massively reduced right now.  I bought myself a patent leather Burgundy colored purse with gold hardware and I absolutely love it.

This weekend I didn’t do too much besides fuck my sleep schedule straight to hell, but I have a 9 am on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll force it back on track soon enough.  On Saturday I did do a little work at Reid Hall, we had readings for my Smith class so I took the opportunity of having sole reign over the library to not only read the assigned works, but also upload my raw footage for this week’s video to my drive, but also to watch a performance of Ariadne auf Naxos with better speakers than my iPad, and to do some free reading. Overall, very lovely Saturday.

that was my week. Hope you had a good one to! Until next time.


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