First Week Back in Paris! 12/1 – 18/1

So I got back to Paris on Tuesday the 13th after spending a lovely long weekend in Stockholm which you can read about in my last post. Wednesday was spent lying low but come Thursday morning I was pumped to film, so I did! My second video, this one filmed with an actual camera (!!) is now up on Youtube, it’s called what I learned in Roman Images. I’ve wanted to do this video for a few months now, everything we learned in that class was incredibly fascinating, and with just slight twists in the telling it could be really funny. I’m excited to do another one on my Medieval Literature class this coming week.

Friday was when I officially finished last semester with my last test, and then since my roommate from Greece is in town I was able to go out with her and her twin sister, who happens to be my best friend here, and get food and drinks which was lovely.

Unfortunately, my elevator is out of service, and after coming and going three times on Friday for thirty flights of stairs in total, I decided to just stay in the apartment all weekend. So I did, and it was lovely.

Tomorrow, filming then class. Later this week, registering and starting university classes. Hope you had a good week! Talk to you soon.


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