Trip in Review: Stockholm

So this weekend was just a great transitional weekend for me. Having a chance to explore and be by myself for a few days in between being at home and doing absolutely nothing and being in Paris doing absolutely everything was such a great opportunity. So what happened exactly?

Well the nice thing was that my French debit card worked. The bad thing is that it didn’t work at ATMs, only when buying something, so I didn’t actually get to see or hold any kronors. Being without cash at all also always feels a little weird and uncomfortable.

I saw SO MUCH. I didn’t actually go inside a single museum or gallery this trip (all the more reason to return) all I did was walk around. But I walked a lot, according to my FitBit app, I walked over 26 miles this trip alone. And I could tell, I was recognizing places I’d walked past and while looking across the water at other islands I could identify places I’d been to, which felt very cool and made me feel like I actually knew the city somewhat.

This is a silly feeling to have given that I’m going back home to Paris, capital of the pastry, but I’m absolutely in love with Swedish pastries and I am so sad I have to say a temporary good bye to them. I do have a Scandinavian bakery cookbook, but those recipes are mere shadows on the cave wall compared to the real deal. They’re sweet but not too sweet, and they cut the sweetness with spices like saffron, cinnamon, or cardamom which give everything a delicate and fresh taste. And even the things filled with whipped cream end up feeling light and airy. A personal favorite is the semla, a cardamom flavored bun with a sliver of the top cut off. The new flat surface is then smeared with an almond paste and covered with whipped cream. The sliver is then place back on top and dusted with powdered sugar.

And finally, my MacArthur plan. I was already looking at programs at Stockholm Universitet, and now I’m certainly looking harder at them. Stockholm is calling to me, I can see so many different future versions of myself here, parent versions with kids dressed up like Maggie Simpson in winter, student versions studying at coffeeshops and eating out at Middle Eastern restaurants in Södermalm, and adult with job versions, showing off her swanky apartment at dinner parties. No matter what though, I will definitely be back as a tourist, and the fact that I probably won’t return to Sweden until I’m in grad school is just crushing. Le Sigh.

So that was my weekend, no back to boring life in Paris, where I get to study like mad for a test on Friday and also see if I remember any German at all and get up to snuff with that. Till next time!


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