Snow on Cinnamon

After emerging from my annual winter vacation under a rock, I left my family behind in Portland to take a three hour final exam back in Paris. That done I headed off to wintery Stockholm less than 36 hours after arriving back in Paris.

This is my first time traveling to Scandinavia, a region which I have decided to dedicate my academic career to and which I dream of relocating to. So no pressure on this trip right? Actually no, while I was a little worried the reality would not live up to my expectations, I’ve been nothing but charmed since I arrived. Yes it’s cold and snowing, but it’s also beautiful, charming, and has the exact sort of pace of life I’ve been searching for.

So, some of my favorite things:

The snow on the streets, and in the air, and the general temperature of 32 F does not put a damper on the many outdoors runners.

I found Mikael Blomqvist’s house, for those who don’t know, he is the journalist in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium series), which is one of my absolute faves. There is also a Millennium walking tour around the city, which Lonely Planet listed as the best Literary Walking tour in the world, and I am so doing it next time I’m here.

Water, water everywhere. Stockholm is located on an archipelago consisting of approximately 24,000 islands, the water and bridges are always present. I’ve had a hard time finding the right word to describe the color of the water. It’s not blue, green, brown, or black exactly, but it is enchanting.


The buildings, especially in Gamla Stan and Södermalm are painted these lovely shades of yellow, saffron, and cinnamon. There is copper everywhere which contrasts beautifully, as do the gray of the streets, the white snow, and the icy sky.



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