Week in Review! Christmas shopping and the end of term

This is when everything starts to wrap up or come into focus during the semester. On Tuesday I handed in my last composition for my writing course, Pourquoi Créer?, which I once again loved the ideas I had , but the exact sentiments didn’t translate into my French as well as I wanted them to. I will be doing the optional revisions for that, but apart from that and the Final test on Tuesday that class is over. It’s bittersweet for me because I’m not so happy with my grades in that class but I think it might have been the most effective French class I’ve ever taken and I really wish it were continuing next semester. I will be taking another writing class next semester but it will be a much larger class, with everyone currently in the speaking class, and I just don’t think it will be as great.

In Fac news, my Roman imagery class is over, at least until my Final exam all the way in January. That class made me reminisce so hard about Athens and my 60 some odd hours in Rome every week, and on top of that the class was dynamic and the subject interesting, it was a good half way point between a Smith class and a hard core Fac class. I wish it had been more often than once a week.

My other Fac class still has one séance left, And hopefully when I look back on this year I will find more merit and enjoyment of the course than I have in real time. No syllabus, no web use at all, not even a bibliography with the professor’s email address. This class could have been taught in the exact same manner at any point in the last 150 years. Thank god the lais were actually interesting.

The header for this week you may notice is a sweater and a bag, and that dear readers is because I have done my Christmas shopping! Or most of it anyway, I haven’t bought my mom anything yet but that is because Paris must be the best place in the world to buy her presents, I’m getting her wine and chocolate (in case the TSA confiscates my wine) later this week. For my other mother, since she’s a fancy campus President now, she needs a fancy bag to go to fancy work events, but since she’s a butchy lesbian, purses aren’t really happening. Being quite French, many Parisian men carry around this small type of cross body bag which is still big enough to hold most of the things you’d need. They’re most often made of leather, and they are always black, I thought this would be perfect since it’s sophisticated enough to take to a fancy work function, but could easily be used on a day to day basis without looking pretentious. The one I got seems to be like a fancy type of nylon with a reinforced bottom, so it also fits Portlandia quite well.

As for my sister, that one is a bit harder. She rocks mostly an androgynous hoodlum vibe and I knew I wanted to try and gently guide her towards stepping up her clothes game for college, but I also don’t want her to feel like that is what I’m doing or that I want her to dress any more feminine. Really I’d just like for her look to be a little more grown up. So almost every Parisian girl seems to have a heavy cardigan/light jacket type sweater, and a good half of them rock it in an androgynous art student type look, over oxfords, black jeans and a dark button down (oversized headphone’s mandatory.). Plus swapping out a sweater for a hoodie is really easy, so I knew that this could work. The one I found has a hood, batwing 3/4 sleeves and is in a nice black and white mottled knit that looks like a nice textured gray from a distance. Plus it’s super soft. Hope she likes it.

And finally, in exciting news: I booked my January travel plans! I thought to myself, where would be the best place to go in Europe in January? So I’m heading to Stockholm for four days and I couldn’t be more excited. This will be my first time actually visiting Scandinavia, the place I’ve decided to study and live my life in, so no big deal or anything. My Scandinavia guide book is sitting in Portland, so I won’t actually be PLANNING my trip until then, while I’m also doing Holidays, and studying for my conveniently timed finals, so I won’t be bored while at home.

Next update will probably be from an airport somewhere, a week from today I’ll be in Rose City. 🌹>


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