The Ballet

The weekend after Thanksgiving, traditionally the start of Christmas, so this afternoon I decided to go to the store to buy an advent calendar and a Panettone, the true symbols of the season chez moi. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have any advent calendars and the Panettone was to expensive for someone who had only €10 in her wallet, so that will have to come later.

So anyway, this Saturday really did kick off the Christmas season for me though, because I got to see the Nutcracker. I can’t say that it was my favorite production, but it was lovely and nothing gets me ready for Christmas like Tchaikovsky. And of course I got the €12 playbill because I’m a nostalgic sucker. I also got a bonus prize, my friend was being really flightly and distracted by her phone earlier, and gave it to me to hold during dinner, and after the show I completely forgot about it until I was sitting on the metro and went for my phone and found two. Oops. So it looks like I’ll be going out tomorrow. Till then.


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