My New Favorite Scarf

So this pattern caught my eye probably even before it was released, as soon as I started seeing teasers on Instagram. Like a lot of people I love the look of brioche lace, and this pattern in particular with its stole shape, color succession, and neat optional tassels, had a lot of features that I... Continue Reading →


Simple Dinners

That time between Christmas and New Year's, its liminal. Festive but not festive.  A time for cooking simple foods after the elaborate traditional feast for Christmas and before you have to make space in the fridge to prepare for the upcoming New Year's one.  I found myself craving vegetables, something satisfying to make, with no... Continue Reading →

A shawl for winters – Aito

Plötulopi, an unspun Icelandic wool, had seemed almost mysterious to me.  Learning to knit in Iceland, the rugged, easy to work with balls of léttlopi were abundant and easily approachable.  There was a wall filled with the whole rainbow of colors in my corner grocery store, and unlike the groceries sold there, they were cheap. ... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Halla Hat

  The first thing I ever knit, after two lil tiny squares: one all knit and one all purl, was a fair isle hat.  I wanted to jump right into knitting and I found a youtube video that showed how to knit this hat and had a link in the description to download the pattern. ... Continue Reading →

Anniversaries are small things

Most of the anniversaries that I keep track of are ones that are important to only me.  3 June: moved to Berlin the 1st time.  29 August: moved to Paris and was supposed to move to Iceland.  16 October stands out as a long standing freindiversary and coincidentally the day of the collapse of my... Continue Reading →

Meeting the North Atlantic

I've been thinking recently about the multiplicity of identity.  Though I have always been one to imagine a wide variety of futures for myself, in the past few months I've been ricocheting between possible lives at a rate astounding even for me.  A last minute trip to Edinburgh made me want to connect to my... Continue Reading →

Yesterday was the first day of winter in Iceland, a holiday for the Old Norse who held that there were only two seasons. I took a walk as a break from studying, and realized I hadn't yet explored the paths around the bay Fossvogur. So that is what I did, it's a popular route for... Continue Reading →

An Odd One: Week in Review 9/11-15/11

This week was mostly good I swear, it's just harder from this side to remember why. I can't really believe it, but it was only on Monday that I registered for classes.  That's ridiculous firstly because it feels like that was so long ago, secondly because it means this semester is mostly over, and thirdly... Continue Reading →

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